Technical Specifications


hoc-age’s double conversion circuitry detects the current and voltage output of utility power supply. It also attains high input power factor over 95%.With the use of outstanding IGBT as the power conversation component, the operating frequency of the inverter can reach tens of KHz. Moreover, high working efficiency of the inverter also improves the overall efficiency of the UPS and high inversion frequency reduces the noise of the inverter as well.



  • Communication Port: RS-232, USB card, Through these, the user can control and monitor UPS status easily.
  • Extended Backup Time: Long backup models can connect external batteries to get prolonged backup time. The feature is particularly suitable for areas with chronic power shortage
  • Modular Design: This helps technicians to maintain and repair the UPS easily and ensure more stable product performance
  • User Selectable Output Voltage: Users can select output voltage by simply pushing a button
  • High frequency and dual conversion on-line technology
  • Wide input voltage range
  • High Efficiency
  • Advanced PFC technology
  • True sine wave output with less than 3% THD
  • Self-diagnosis at UPS startup
  • Advanced Battery Management (ABM)
  • Cold start feature (DC power on)
  • Automatically charging batteries in UPS off mode
  • Lightning and surge protections
  • Fan speed automatically changesfd
  • EMI / RFI noise filter
  • Shutdown & restart schedule
  • Digital Control Technology

Applications :

  • Datacenters
  • IT Companies
  • Financial Firms
  • Emergency Services
  • Healthcare building
  • Leisure & Sports
  • Broadcasting & Communications
  • Power / Oil / Gas factories
  • Retail Shops
  • Educations Institutes
  • Transportation Department
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Household Appliances
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