Technical Specifications

Servo Voltage Stabilizers

" Servo voltage stabilizers are used to provide constant voltage when experiencing high voltage regulation. At hoc_age we use fresh copper wires and busbars to provide pure power with minimum losses.With the use of microprocessor controlled servo motor, we make sure that even the slightest voltage drop or jump is corrected quickly and accurately to provide constant voltage at every instant for costly equipments, thus keeping them safe and hence cutting their maintenance cost. "


  • High reliability
  • Trouble free operation
  • Minimal noise
  • Cable gland provided for input/output
  • All transformers are copper wounded
  • Zero waveform distortion
  • Ruggedised construction
  • Very low no load losses
  • Individual phase control provided
  • Quick response time
  • Unnaffected by load power factor
  • Subjected to routine tests with latest bis standards
  • I.C. based control circuit for superior reliability
  • Very low power consumption


  • IT companies and call centres
  • Commercial buldings and complexes
  • For instruments used in scientific, medical, educational, and other institutes
  • Hospitals
  • Production factories.
  • Air-conditioned plants.
  • Chemical, textile, papes, sugar, cold storage, packaging industries etc.
  • Cnc machines,laser machines, moulding machines etc.
  • Luxurious residental buildings.
  • Electric lifts, elevators, induction welding plant etc.
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