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Fans & Motors use capacitor-run induction motors. Since a fan is expected to be operated just by the flick of a switch, it has to employ a continuous-rating capacitor in series with its auxiliary winding, which stays energizerd as long as the fan runs.

Salient Features of technology used by hoc_age

• Use of Reinforced Heavy edge MPP Film.

• High quality electrolytic grade Aluminium foil (for start capacitor).

• Low energy Consumption.

• High temperature capability.

• The polypropylene film element is encapsulated with flame retardant resin and housed within an aluminium / plastic case.

• Electrical connections by double 250 (2/4) terminals suitable for soldering or push on receptacles.

• A range of plastic/aluminium cased flexible wire ended self healing metallise polypropylene motor run capacitors.

• Flame retardant encapsulated constructions enabling direct electrical connection to small and medium size electric motors.

Capacitance Range : 0.5 mfd - 324 mfd
Capacitance Tolerance : ± 5%
temp. Range : -25oc to + 85oc
Max Continuous Voltage : 440Vac (630 Vdc)
Max Voltage Rise/Fall Time (dv/dt) : 20v/us
Dissipation Factor : 0.20%max(at 20oc and 50Hz)

• Dual Run Capacitor
A dual "run capacitor" supports two electric motors, such as in large air conditioner or heat pump units, with both a fan motor and a compressor motor. It saves space by combining two physical capacitors into one case. The dual capacitor has 3 terminals labeled "C", "FAN", and "HERM", which stand for the Common, Fan, and HERMetically sealed compressor.

• Oil Filled Capacitor

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